this place has been here since i got to live in the bay area. one single day it’s flattened out like nothing ever happened. back to crack wonderland. it’s a shame.


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2 Responses to bridge

  1. ZG says:

    My heart goes out to all the people involved with making, maintaining, and skating this place regularly. Stupid CalTran assholes who easily could have let this place be, one of the many reasons California is going into the ground.

  2. rob says:

    Fuck..My wife just emailed me the article about this happening.
    All i can say is…. FUCK Cal Trans. Sorry guys, I let you down, I couldnt get back in time to help the cause. Had a family emergency down south to deal with and have been stuck down here for a while. Never thought could / would happen so fast. Maybe some R.I.P Bordertown
    Fuck Cal Trans T’s are in order? I’ll be back in Oakland and I’ll hit you guys up. Email me what sizes you wear and I’ll drop some off for you. Peace.

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