Hello, once again, we are looking for screen print shop who are down to make bordertown shirts/stickers. please help to spread them. we are wrangling politics around the bridge, meanwhile we need your support to the bridge, by skating it, cleaning it, and spare change for this.


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  1. David says:

    I would like to know what the people who use the park need to do to make Caltrans and the City of Oakland agreeable to have the park continue to be in use?
    Thank You

    David Smith

  2. robn says:

    Just noticed this. Sorry I haven’t gotten back to you. I can print your stuff sorry for not getting back to you about this. I will shoot you a email and we can talk about the graphics you want on the shirts. Does bordertown have a logo? Was thinking of something simple like “SAVE BORDERTOWN” on the front and maybe a logo and sponsors list on the back. Maybe a knock off caltrans logo would be funny.

  3. Is there any kind of fund setup that we can donate to? I want to help out in anyway I can!

  4. robn says:

    So i emailed you guys. (K.N) No response as to the shirts and the design. Hit me up
    when you get it all figured out. I’m going to make a few basic ones tonight and hand them out
    at our mini ramp party so at least a few people will have them to rock at occupy Oakland.

    and yeah there should be a paypal link for donations and to maybe pay for for the merch.
    I can set one up for you so that people can purchase shirts and stickers.
    I’m just sayin’


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